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Plat.AI Invited to Speak at Glendale Tech Week

Published by Ani Mosinyan at October 21, 2022

This year, Plat.AI was invited to Glendale Tech Week to speak at one of its panels, “Building and Growing AI/Cloud Company.” Alek Kotolyan, COO at Plat.AI, was among several panelists who were asked to discuss why Glendale and Los Angeles are great cities for the tech and AI industry.  

Glendale Tech Week is a yearly event in the heart of Glendale that celebrates the city’s growing technology sector, including exciting advances from local startups and established tech companies.

Other speakers at the panel included Anthony Portantino, a member of the California State Senate, Ardy Kassakhian, the Mayor of the City of Glendale, and Zarik Megerdichian, the founder of HyeRise Investments and 4Over Printing. 

Why are Glendale and Los Angeles the places to be when choosing to work in the tech sector? As Alek Kotolyan explained, Glendale has many unique attributes that lend to a prosperous space for technology and AI development. 

  • Glendale has the talent, with graduates from USC, UCLA, and other colleges within close proximity 
  • We have a robust economy 
  • The job market here is tech-heavy 
  • The influx of talent from overseas helps us to grow our businesses here 
  • We contribute to the growth of tech by educating college students in AI and Data Science

Sen. Portantino shared his thoughts on the significance of the city’s population and its impact on tech. Glendale has a highly educated immigrant population: many businesses were started by immigrants or children of immigrants. The city is also in close proximity to top colleges, such as USC. As a result, Glendale has great intellectual power. 

Overall, the panel was a great way to learn about the numerous tech ventures and businesses in Glendale and an insightful experience for anyone curious about tech innovation and building a tech startup. Thank you to Glendale Tech Week for inviting us to speak and share our knowledge of the growing industry.   

Ani Mosinyan

Ani Mosinyan

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