Predictive Analytics Using Your Data

Our data scientists are ready to build, deploy, and maintain a real-time decision-making engine with your data.

Why Plat.AI?

AI/ML is the future of performance marketing and customer acquisition.

However, most companies are still relying on outdated analytics. With Plat.AI, you can input the data you already have and let us generate scorecards, risk assessment models, or any other model, depending on your specific needs (e.g., fraud and risk detection, targeted advertising, and product recommendations).


Have your model up-and-running in as little as one month. After that, you will enjoy real-time predictive analytics.


While deep learning or a black box option is available for those who need it, we want to show you what’s going on under the hood. We offer one-on-one support while building, deploying, and maintaining your model.

Actionable Analytics

We take the data you already have and provide you with accurate insights, helping you better understand your customers so you can make smarter decisions.

Security & Compliance

We take data security seriously. All data is processed in our U.S.-based facility. We can deploy your model on our trusted server or on your server. We use interpretable models to ensure that all decision-making is compliant with regulatory requirements.


We not only build and deploy, but we also keep your machine learning models up to date. If you ever have any questions, our domestic support team is ready to help.

Personalized Approach

We use a wide range of approaches to help you understand your data via traditional Frequentist or Bayesian methodologies, psychometrics, and econometrics.

Are you in the financial industry?

We offer lending analytics.


Build and deploy models for real-time decision making


Monitor real-time performance on interactive dashboards


Ensure decision-making is compliant with all potential regulatory requirements using interpretable models

Are you a publisher?

We offer scorecards and other marketing analytics.

  • Real-time traffic optimization through predictive modeling
  • Integration with existing platforms through API
  • Server-level solutions with no limitation in model choices

Ready to learn more?

We offer one-on-one support to lending and marketing analytics teams.

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