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Plat.AI is a real-time decision-making engine, offering buildable and maintainable AI for any platform or system–regardless of your experience level. Our model builder delivers fast results and decisions – no coding experience is required.

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With Plat.AI, You Have Easy Access to:

Fully operational AI with no coding necessary

Automated model building and deployment

Data preprocessing and analysis tools

Custom modeling solutions

Codeless Modeling

Plat.AI offers data intelligence without you needing to write a single line of code. In fact, it may take as little as five minutes to create and deploy an automated custom model.

All You Need To Do Is:

Define your

Upload and process
your data

Select a target and
generate the model

Deploy the model
in one click

Once deployed, you can quickly recalibrate the custom model with new data as necessary.

Plat.AI Features

Our self-service platform is designed to use your data to create real-time decisions and can adapt to your platform or system of choice.


You can have your model up and running in as little as one month. After that, you can enjoy real-time predictive analytics.


The best analytics software will give you transparency. While deep learning or a black box option is available for those who need it, we want to show you what’s happening under the hood. We offer one-on-one support while building, deploying, and maintaining your model.

Actionable Analytics

We provide analytical solutions. We take the data you already have and provide you with accurate insights, helping you better understand your customers to make smarter decisions. We monitor real-time performance on interactive dashboards.

Security & Compliance

We take data security seriously. All data is processed in our U.S.-based facility. We can deploy your model on our trusted server or your server. We use interpretable models to ensure that all decision-making is compliant with regulatory requirements.


We not only build and deploy, but we also keep your machine-learning models up to date. Our trained support team is ready to help if you ever have any questions.

Personalized Approach

We help you understand your data via traditional Frequentist or Bayesian methodologies, psychometrics, and econometrics.


Our software implements seamlessly with your lending or marketing resources, helping you predict and reduce default rates, weed out fraudulent applications, and respond to sudden changes in traffic quality.

What Makes Plat.AI Unique?

Future of performance marketing

AI/ML is the future of performance marketing and customer acquisition. Plat uses predictive analytics software to find solutions through statistical analysis, machine learning, data mining, visualization, and modeling techniques.

Real-time decision-making engine

Our data scientists are ready to help you build, deploy, and maintain a real-time decision-making engine with your data. Our software can be used to make informed decisions, accelerate the data mining process, and offer solutions even for those without coding knowledge.

Predictive analytics software

While many companies use outdated prediction software, Plat.AI offers advanced software that allows you to input your data and create scorecards, risk assessments, and other models depending on your target goals.

We also provide data preprocessing and analysis tools for businesses and analysts looking to collect data and predict outcomes.

Our analytics technology has several uses in the financial world, such as credit card fraud detection, risk assessments, and credit score evaluation.

Understanding Predictive Analysis

  • What is predictive analysis?

    Predictive analysis applies data mining, machine learning, statistical analysis, and modeling techniques to forecast the likelihood of future outcomes of events based on historical data.

  • Why use predictive analytics software?

    Predictive analysis software is used to foster more automated and informed decision-making. Plat.AI offers a user-friendly and convenient tool for decision-making based on data analysis, even for those with limited coding knowledge. It can also accelerate and facilitate the data mining process and save company resources.

  • What are some examples and uses of predictive analytics?
    • Finance and banking
    • Fintech
    • Investing
    • Insurance
    • Healthcare and biomedical
    • Agriculture
    • Manufacturing
    • Marketing
    • Retail
    • Oil and Gas
    • Telecommunications
    • Public Sector
    • Sports
    • Entertainment

    Predictive analysis helps identify and evaluate risks and opportunities, reap the insights hidden in historical data, and make forecasts about future events. This understanding is crucial for companies to make informed and weighted business decisions and surpass the competition.

    Here are some of its applications:

    • Used in credit fraud detection, credit scoring, risk assessment, and real-time gain and loss predictions for investments.
    • Used in marketing and e-commerce to analyze customer and advertisement data, forecast sales, predict the success rate of marketing campaigns, and maximize profits and customer satisfaction.
    • Implemented in agriculture to study field satellite images, accelerate crop quality prediction, and determine optimum irrigation patterns.
    • Used with manufacturing data to forecast delivery delays, estimate seasonal demand, maintain optimum inventory levels, control product quality, enable predictive maintenance, and minimize overall production costs.

FAQ About Plat.AI

What Is Plat.AI?

Plat.AI is a data analytics and modeling company. At Plat.AI, we offer both:

  • Predictive Analytics Software: Model Building and Deployment Platforms as SAAS
    A fully operational AI software that creates real-time models, estimates outcomes based on your uploaded data, and offers seamless integration with your current system.
  • Custom Modeling Solutions
    Our team of data scientists will build and deploy a predictive model tailored to the needs of your business, using ML and DL algorithms for real-time predictions.

Plat.AI is your reliable partner for building AI decision-making pipelines.

Who Uses Plat.AI Analytics Software?

Data analysts use Plat.AI’s predictive analytics software to identify informative patterns in datasets, make forecasts about future events, evaluate business risks, and explore opportunities.

Can I Try Out Plat.AI’s Predictive Analytics Software for Free?

Yes, a free 14-day trial of Plat.AI’s model-building platform, with 10,000 model requests, is available. Follow this link to register and access your free trial.

Which Plat.AI Solution Will Be the Best Fit for My Company?

Depending on your business needs, you may opt for Plat.AI’s platform-based solution or the custom modeling service.

Model Building and Deployment Platform as a SAAS

Custom Predictive Modeling Solutions

If you still wonder which solution is best for your business needs, please contact us. Our experts are there to answer your questions, discuss your situation, and help you choose the AI strategy that best suits your needs.

Do I Need Plat.AI Predictive Analytics Software for My Company?

If you have data and need an automated decision-making process in a real-time space, you can use Plat.AI’s software to process your data in an affordable and efficient way.

Follow this link to register and access your free trial.

What Are the Benefits of Plat.AI?

Plat.AI’s custom and platform-based solutions come with the following benefits:

Why Choose Plat.AI’s Automated Model-Building Software?

We are swift, efficient, and secure. At Plat.AI, we work hard to enhance your team’s analytical capabilities and provide you with our best-in-class AI solutions.

Do I Need to Be Tech-Savvy to Utilize Plat.AI’s Software?

No. Plat.AI’s automated model-building software can be used by anyone regardless of their level of experience.

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