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A Conversation on Ethics

Published by Ani Mosinyan at March 11, 2024

Last week, Plat.AI’s COO, Alek Kotolyan, spoke at the Conference on Statistical Practice during the “Ethics Panel: Exploring Questions Raised by the Use of Large Language Models.” This discussion highlighted the ethical challenges of LLMs like #ChatGPT, #BERT, and #PaLM, offering key insights into responsible AI use and development.

The panel comprised leaders in ethical AI, academic research, and education and delved into critical topics – the use of LLMs in research, academic integrity, commercial applications, open-source contributions, and ethical development practices. It was a privilege to hear diverse perspectives and contribute to the conversation on shaping the responsible use of AI technology.

The Conference on Statistical Practice is designed for statistical practitioners such as data analysts, researchers, and scientists to address real-world problems through statistics. It offers learning opportunities in new statistical methodologies, best practices, consulting, and programming, alongside career development and networking within the statistics community. The presentations cater to a wide audience of statisticians across various fields.

Reflecting on the profound discussions at the Conference on Statistical Practice, it’s clear that Plat.AI stands at the forefront of ethical AI development. Kotolyan’s participation in the panel underscores our dedication to advancing AI technology responsibly. At Plat.AI, we leverage the insights and perspectives gained from such esteemed gatherings to enhance our AI solutions, ensuring they are developed with the highest ethical standards in mind.

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Ani Mosinyan

Ani Mosinyan

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