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Is Crypto Investing Still Worth It?

Published: September 30, 2021
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Investing in cryptocurrency in 2021 still has a lot of questions marks revolving around it. You can either strike gold and win the big bucks or possibly lose all your investments.

Cryptocurrency is a solid investment opportunity if you want to obtain direct exposure to the market for digital currency. It is one of the most exciting varieties of investments, and if you are on the fence about whether you should invest, then you are not alone. According to a 2021 report from crypto exchange Gemini, only 14% of U.S. adults own crypto, and around 63% of Americans label themselves as crypto curious.” This means that many are still contemplating their potential investment in cryptocurrency due to current events or overall exposure.

Although prices took a sudden drop earlier this year, many cryptocurrencies are once again earning heat. So now that crypto prices are bouncing back, is it time to invest? Here’s what you need to know.

​​How Safe Is Cryptocurrency?

How safe is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is generally classified as a high risk and high reward category of investments. It is riskier than simply buying stocks because it still holds a highly uncertain status. Stocks have been around for quite some time, while cryptocurrency is still very new. While it could grow into a mainstream investment and offer actual uses in society, this is still uncertain. However, that does not significantly suggest that cryptocurrency is a bad investment.

This is where it is essential to recognize your financial tolerance for risk before buying. If you are a reluctant investor that shies away from danger and remains constantly worried about losing money, then cryptocurrency may not entirely be the best investment for you. There is still a possibility that it may not succeed, and if that happens, you may lose all the money you invest.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency is renowned for its volatility. For example, Bitcoin has previously lost roughly 80% of its value. So if you do not think you can handle these rollercoaster changes in prices, then crypto may not be the best fit for you.

However, suppose you are willing to take on a decent risk for the possibility of obtaining good rewards without constantly worrying about the fluctuations. In that case, you may find what you need with crypto investment.

How To Invest Safely

If you do choose to invest in cryptocurrency, it is essential to be strategic about your approach.

First, only invest money that you can manage to lose. Keep in mind that there are never any guarantees in the investment world, and this risk is doubled for cryptocurrencies. This is why it is essential to never overspend on investment crypto.

Additionally, make sure that you have saved up at least three to six months of your salary as an emergency fund. Due to crypto’s volatile nature, there is a possibility price may plummet again after you invest. This is where the savings come in handy. In case of an unexpected expense, many rely on their solid investments to cash out on funds. However, you would not want to be in that situation and have your investment prices at their lowest.

Ultimately, it would be best if you did your research before diving headfirst into the world of cryptocurrency. Not all of them are created the same way or equally, and some may be riskier than others. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most well-known names in the crypto area, there are numerous other options. The most reliable investments are always the ones that can grow over time. Be sure that you study all the options and compare them with past stocks to locate the reliably growing ones and give your attention to cryptocurrencies that will help you get rich quickly.

What Are the Advantages Of Owning Cryptocurrency?

  • User autonomy.
  • Transactions are pseudonymous.
  • Transactions are conducted on a peer-to-peer basis.
  • Transactions do not hold banking fees.
  • Payments have low transaction fees for international payments.
  • Payments are mobile.

What Are the Risks Of Owning Cryptocurrency?

  • They are volatile.
  • They are unregulated: cryptocurrencies are currently unregulated by both governments and central banks.
  • They are sensitive to error and hacking.
  • They can be affected by forks or discontinuation. Blockchain forks are a split in the blockchain network.


Cryptocurrency is a risky investment to consider, but that does not classify it as an ultimately lousy purchase. Before you start, make sure you can afford to invest and are comfortable with its volatile nature. Then, conduct all the necessary research to create a more informed decision.

Arin Sakayan

Arin Sakayan

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