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How Can a DevOps Team Take Advantage of AI

Published: July 28, 2022
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AI is taking over different departments in companies, and the DevOps team is not an exception. DevOps is a combination of tools and practices that a company uses to automate processes between software development and IT teams. 

It is expected that 40% of DevOps teams worldwide will be using AI in their daily operations by 2023. We go over how a DevOps team can integrate AI and its advantages in the sections below.

Benefits of AI in DevOps

The benefits of implementing AI in DevOps are numerous, including: 

  • Increasing the security of software programs. AI offers speedy tests that make the security checks performed by the DevOps teams less time-consuming and more accurate.
  • Filling in for the lack of sufficient personnel in DevOps. Many companies currently lack qualified cybersecurity experts, and AI can fill their gap. 
  • Helping developers identify errors in codes before they go to production. 
  • Improving security skills by generating customized code patterns that can repair any vulnerabilities. 

How Can a DevOps Team Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence?

Current artificial intelligence trends are transforming processes in businesses. These are several ways how DevOps can take advantage of AI to improve its operations: 

  • AI can help the DevOps team test, code, release, and display programs. It can make these tasks much more time efficient and less costly. 
  • AI and DevOps can also work together to increase automation. Implementing AI supports the ability to problem solve and for teams and team members to work better together. 
  • AI can assist DevOps in adjusting the quantity, speed, and variability of data by helping them identify inefficiencies in the software development process.
  • Finally, the DevOps team can incorporate AI into their product development by utilizing AI-driven technologies. Examples of AI-based solutions include Natural Language Processing (NLP) in language learning apps and predictive analytics software in healthcare or banking.  

Bottom Line

Artificial intelligence brings many advantages to the DevOps team, including increased productivity and security of the team and their product. There are also plenty of ways how a DevOps team can take advantage of AI, from integrating it in their product development cycle to using it to control data.

Tigran Hovsepyan

Tigran Hovsepyan

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