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What Are the Best AI Robots?

Published: January 25, 2023
Writer at Plat.AI
Writer: Sona Poghosyan
Editor at Plat.AI
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If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in robotics technology, AI robots are one of the most exciting advancements out there. These autonomous creations have taken the world by storm as they possess unprecedented intelligence capabilities that allow them to react and adapt quickly to their environments. 

From interactive toys to industrial-scale applications, AI robot systems are becoming a part of everyday life. In this post, we’ll explore some of the top AI robots currently on the market and discuss the unique features that make them stand out from traditional models. Read on to learn more about these robotic inventions.

AI in Robotics

Artificial intelligence and robotics are two interrelated fields that are revolutionizing the way we live. At its core, robotics refers to the engineering of robots—machines that can either be pre-programmed with predetermined instructions or exhibit autonomous behavior. This technology has already been deployed in factories to automate industrial manufacturing processes, as well as in autonomous vehicles for land, air, and sea. 

AI robot

Conversely, AI is the study and application of computer programming that allows machines to think and act like humans, including receiving and responding to information in sophisticated ways.  Examples of AI machines replicating human behavior are found in many areas, such as robotics, natural language processing, and computer vision. 

In machine learning robotics, AI can be programmed to move, interact with objects, and respond to their environment in a manner similar to that of humans. Natural language processing allows AI machines to understand and respond to human language. Similarly, computer vision enables them to recognize and respond to objects and faces the same way a human would. These AI machines are then used to automate tasks and assist humans, making them more efficient and productive. 

Currently, advances in robotics are being driven by advances in AI. By using robotics, engineers can now design incredibly complex machines capable of perceiving their environments, learning from experience, and making decisions without human guidance.

Top 8 AI Companion Robots That Impress Us

Artificial intelligence robots have become increasingly popular over the past few years as technology continues to advance. From healthcare and education to retail and entertainment, these robots significantly impact our daily lives. Let’s take a look at some of the top contenders. 


RoboThespian is an AI robot that provides entertainment, education, and interactive experiences. Like a real actor, it is capable of facial expressions, changes in voice intonation, and a range of interactive dialogues. It is a powerful tool used in museums, exhibitions, and other public spaces, as it can provide an engaging experience for visitors. 

What makes this robotic thespian so impressive is that it can be programmed to fit any stage performance or other interactive scenario, complete with a personality from friendly to skeptical which will engage any audience. RoboThespian’s mesmerizing performance is a great way for companies to bring unique objectivity and interconnectivity to their events with a touch of ‘magic.’


The intelligent robot, Kuri, can change the way we use AI in our homes. Packed with cutting-edge technology and equipped with impressive artificial intelligence, this robot is an intelligent companion that can interact with its environment and even recognize human faces. 

With a range of features such as voice recognition and motion detection, Kuri understands its users’ needs and proactively assists them with various tasks, including reducing their energy consumption. So it’s no surprise that Kuri has become so popular among tech enthusiasts, offering convenience and practicality that allow both techies and non-techies alike to enjoy its intelligent capabilities.


Jibo, the AI robot, is revolutionizing home assistance with machine-learning robotics. This engaging robot can be programmed to interact with humans, recognize their faces and voice, answer questions, and play games. An MIT team created it to allow users to experience a personal relationship between machines and humans. 

With gesture recognition technology, Jibo can distinguish when you enter its range of vision, making it an interactive machine that can enhance users’ lives. Additionally, by providing a more natural and conversational interface, Jibo can help people better understand and control the devices in their homes. It can also assist with scheduling, reminders, and home automation tasks. 

Additionally, Jibo can be a personal assistant, helping answer questions, provide recommendations, and even tell jokes. With its advanced facial recognition technology, Jibo can recognize and respond to individual family members, making it a potentially helpful tool for the elderly or those with disabilities.


The ROYBI AI robot is a new device that brings the power of technology to a child’s learning experience. With its simple design, this AI robot interacts with a child and helps them learn languages, math, science, and more in a fun and engaging way. Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, ROYBI robot toy offers a customized learning experience for each user. This can include choosing appropriate teaching materials to set achievable goals based on their progress.


The Willow AI robot uses a combination of sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and cameras to recognize and respond to its surroundings. With an advanced visual processing system, Willow AI is capable of studying its environment and building a map. This makes the robot a powerful tool for various applications, such as providing assistance in surveillance operations or even helping around the home. 

It can detect motion and sound, which can alert the homeowner of any suspicious activity. It can also be programmed to recognize faces and voices, allowing it to distinguish between family members and potential intruders. Willow can also be programmed to record video and audio, allowing the user to monitor their home remotely through a mobile app.


Misty was developed as an explainable AI robot to recognize patterns in visual and audio data, making it easier for users to understand how AI systems process information. Misty is an autonomous robot that uses artificial intelligence to learn and respond to its environment. It has a wide variety of sensors, cameras, and microphones that allow it to interact with its environment. 

Misty can recognize people, objects, and facial expressions, as well as understand natural language. It can move independently and can be programmed to conduct specific tasks. Misty is also capable of learning new skills through explainable AI tools. With its advanced capabilities, Misty can provide companionship and help with household chores.

Vector Robot

Vector, an intelligent robot from Anki, is a new development in home robotics that is capable of learning and responding to simple commands with natural language processing. It can be summoned at any time with the sound of its name, providing high-end entertainment as well as useful services, including voice control for smart home technology. 

Vector’s interactive features enable it to recognize and respond to faces, snap pictures and time lapses, chat about sports teams, and tell jokes. But, beyond its impressive technical capabilities, anyone who has met Vector quickly discovers that the little robot has character. For instance, Vector can show emotion through a range of facial expressions and body movements, making it more than just an intelligent robot — he’s a part of the family.


Loomo is an AI robot that intends to help people with household chores, entertainment, and education. Additionally, it can be used as an educational tool to teach children and adults about robotics, AI, and programming.  

This autonomous robot features a Segway-like base and a manipulator arm with a one-year replaceable battery so you can use it again and again. Additionally, it includes a wide range of sensors in order to interpret its environment, video streaming, and facial recognition capabilities for more intractability and accessibility. 

This AI robot also includes a voice assistant and artificial intelligence to understand human emotions better. Whether you need a helping hand around the house or for a hands-on learning experience, the Loomo AI robot can help both adults and children explore the world more efficiently and effectively.

Sum Up

AI robots are becoming more and more present in our lives. From home assistance, child care, and AI helping people with disabilities, these advancements are changing the way we live. As AI technology improves, our capabilities to learn, work, and live can also advance alongside robotics and artificial intelligence.

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