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Predictive Analytics Made Easy

Plat.AI is a real-time decision-making engine, offering buildable and maintainable AI for any platform or system. With Plat.AI, you have easy access to:

  • Fully operational AI with no coding necessary
  • Automated model building and deployment
  • Data preprocessing and analysis tools
  • Custom modeling solutions

The Modeling Platform

Creating an automated custom model with Plat.AI takes less than five minutes. Here’s how it works:

Define your objective 1
Upload and process your data 2
Select target and generate model 3
Deploy your model in one click 4

Why Plat.AI?

Here is how we stand out:

  • Faster data intelligence
    Automated custom model building with results in less than five minutes — or use your own supported model!
  • Lower latency
    Real-time predictions and decisions in under 200 milliseconds
  • Transparency
    Interpretable models and straightforward pricing
  • 24/7 customer service
    With our offices doting the globe, there’s always someone ready to take your call

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    Alek Kotoyan
    Chief Operating Officer

    Plat.AI is an ideal data intelligence solution for companies in the fintech space.

    Plat.AI Solutions

    • Scorecards
    • Specialized indexes for risk evaluation
    • Other marketing analytics
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